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Sonni Johnson

August 27, 2018



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My buddy Jack went to the gym last week and ran into one of the guys we used see on a consistent basis, but haven't because he's been going to another gym on the other side of town.  "It was nice to catch up with him", he said, but since the guy was so intense with his workouts, Jack assumed that he would be much further along than where he is now.  He asked him questions about his workout to see if maybe an injury or something slowed down his progress, & to his surprise, everything has been fine for the past couple of months.  "Hey do you want to work on abs with me", the guys asks, "I do the same ab routine everyday", he continues braggingly.  

With this being said, his abs weren't as defined as they could be because his body got comfortable with his daily routine.  Yes it's good to be consistent with your workout regimens, but you have to realize that your body gets tired of doing the same ol' things as well, and with that, it stops your growth.  


Hitting A Plateau 

Spanning back to the previous story, if you're doing the same routine over and over again, & haven't seen much results, you might've hit a fitness plateau.  When you're experiencing this type of issue, it's easy to fall into frustration & get discouraged because you're not seeing the results you want.  When your body begins to adjust to the motions of your workouts, that's when you might experience a plateau.  This is a way for your body to be stubborn and say, "hey I'm bored, I need some excitement in my life".  Even if you're a beginner, or you've been doing this your entire life, it's still necessary to switch up your routine to reshock you muscles.  


Support The Cause

Another way to get your body out of a muscle slump is to get a gym partner to really drive you to the next level.  It's easy to get into the routine of pushing to the next level, & you start to lose that fire that you had in the beginning.  I'm sure we all remember that fire.  The kind where you go to the local sporting goods store to get the latest assortments of bright neon colored water bottles and gym shoes, while focusing on maintaining the "eye of the tiger".  While all of this is well and good, having a gym partner that either understands your struggle or has experienced the same circumstance is a great way for you to not only push each other, but to do research to find different techniques to propel you both out of that lull.  Make the effort to gain as much knowledge as possible to create new and exciting ideas to push you pass your limits.  Contacting any member of the M.C Health & Wellness team is the greatest resource we can recommend because there are more important factors to consider when choosing the right workouts, & some might not be the best for everyone.  Health history, for an example, is a factor that should definitely be in the front of your mind when it comes to switching it up.  


Lifestyle Fix

In other blog posts, we've stressed before how we believe the ratio for a health lifestyle is 80% nutrition & 20% exercise, but let's not forget how important sleep is and how the lack of it can not only damage your daily function, but also stagnate the progression you've tirelessly worked to maintain.  It's necessary to find the right blend of MACROS (read here) & couple that with an adequate amount of sleep to feed, rebuild, and repair your muscles.  Getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep every night gives you the energy and mental focus to overcome the tasks for the day, and also enthuse you for the next gym session.  



So I hope you feel better about overcoming a fitness plateau, because now that you have the tools to reverse it's effect.  However, to keep it honest with you, I do understand how difficult it is to stay motivated when you're feeling this way. If you're like me, you've probably felt silly or believe that it's only in your head and a couple of zen exercises will make it go away.  Sorry to burst both of our bubbles, but it's not.  Living a health lifestyle is it's own breathing and living entity, and just as a child grows at it's own pace with nurturing and care, it's useless to just wish that your body will continue to move towards your goal, but you must take the necessary steps to push pass your barriers.  Don't only use this concept in fitness, but the same holds true with other areas of our lives.  Some areas in our relationships, family lives, jobs, or our daily routines can become still, complacent, and dry, and with that, there's no room left for fulfillment and expansion.  Even with all of the craziness in the world, life is filled with so much beauty and opportunity, but if you use your strength to push pass your fitness plateau, and transpose that into other areas in your life, I can assure that you'l be amazed at the results.  

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