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Information About The Foods In Both Lists

Most of the recommended foods are dry foods, with the exception of the canned meats, the tomato paste, the olive oil, the honey, and the vanilla extract. The elimination of water from the foods has the following three significant advantages:

  1. Dry food normally has a longer shelf life than water packed food because the moisture has been eliminated from the food.

  2. Dry food weighs less than the same food that is packed in water.

  3. The elimination of water also means that less space is required to store the food.

If something unexpected happened and you were forced to abandon your current location, then all three of the above advantages would be very important to you.

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More Items To Stockpile

White Rice (can store brown, but it will go bad quicker)

Dry/Canned/ Boxed Pasta





Tomato Sauce, Paste, Chunks, etc

Canned Meats; Tuna, Chicken, Turkey, Roast Beef, Spam

Canned Vegetables

Canned Beans

Herbs and Spices

Cream of Soups

Snacks of Your Choosing


Peanut Butter

Condiment Packets

Ramen Noodles

Canned Chili

Granola/Protein/ Cereal Bars

Bread Crumbs


Baking Soda

Baking Powder


Canned Fruits

Drink Mixes

Evaporated Milk and/or Powdered Milk

Just Add Water Pancake Mix

Just Add Water Hash Browns


Corn Starch

Granola Bars



High-capacity, long-lasting water purifier for emergency preparedness, response, and humanitarian work. $395 


    • Advanced purification technology removes viruses, bacteria parasites and microplastics

    • High capacity: holds 13 gallons (50 liters) at once, ultra-durable for harsh conditions

    • Lifetime of 26,000 gallons, enough for 100 people for 3-5 years

    • Rigorous independent testing with WHO, US EPA, NSF and ASTM protocols

    • This product gives back: one product, one school child, one year of clean water 




Most of the above recommended foods are dry foods and they must be prepared for human consumption using water.


I strongly recommend that you have a least one good gravity fed water filter element in your emergency food storage area so you can provide clean water for your family during a serious hard times event.

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Milk, Potatoes, Tomatoes, & Fruit

Instant dry powdered milk is easy to find at almost any grocery store. However, you can purchase the same basic product in #10 cans for almost the same price as the boxed milk. And the #10 cans are already packaged for long-term storage. Therefore I suggest you consider investing in the #10 cans of instant dry milk instead of the boxes of instant dry milk.


Some instant potatoes require the addition of milk and butter. Some instant potatoes do not. I suggest that you look for a brand of instant potatoes that only requires the addition of water. These can be difficult to find at most grocery stores. However, some of the dehydrated potatoes in #10 cans are complete instant potatoes and they only require the addition of water to convert them into a tasty side dish of mashed potatoes.


Tomato paste is preferred to tomato sauce because tomato paste has less water than tomato sauce. You can convert tomato paste into tomato sauce by simply adding water. Therefore it makes more sense to store tomato paste because it takes less storage space than tomato sauce. However, as with any water packed food that contains acid, tomato paste will gradually eat its way through a can and therefore it has a shorter shelf life than foods that do not contain acid. For this reason I suggest that you consider dehydrated tomato powder in #10 cans. Tomato powder has a longer shelf life than tomato paste, and it weighs less because it does not contain any moisture, and it will not gradually eat its way through the can.


The original food list includes four of the major food groups (dairy, vegetables, grain, and meat) but the only fruit it contains is tomato paste. (Note: Tomatoes are technically a fruit but most people think of tomatoes as a vegetable because they cook tomatoes the same way they cook some vegetables. Some brands of tomato paste, such as the Walmart Great Value Brand, contain 10% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C.)


My personal experience with canned fruit is that the cans do not last very long in storage. The natural acids in the fruit will gradually eat though the can and a tiny amount of the fruit juice will gradually begin to leak out of the can and that juice will get on the other cans of fruit that are next to it. Pretty soon all the cans of fruit will have tiny holes in them, and they will begin leaking, and the bottom of the cans will become covered in rust. When this happens they must be safely disposed of because they are now toxic. This is the primary reason I did not include canned fruit in the above list (except for tomato paste). Canned fruit doesn't have the shelf life expectancy of the other foods. If you wish to add fruit to your long-term emergency food supply then I suggest you consider freeze dried or dehydrated fruit in #10 cans.


This food list items were taken by a very reliable resource website