Benefits of Black Seed Oil


Across the world, several cultures have their own health remedies to fight against infection, and protect one another from the potential dangers of getting sick, but one that's stood out for me in recent times has been black seed oil.  Similar to cod liver oil, but ironically not as disgusting, has a strong distinct taste, but some mind blowing benefits.  Some of the benefits go as far as treating and even curing many diseases such as asthma, diabetes, and HIV.  These are all serious diseases which can drastically turn the lives of those who cope with them upside down, but if there's a simple way you can combat these ailments, would you do it?  Would you pass on the word to help the next person? 

So What Is Black Seed Oil? explains it best by saying, "Black seed oil is extracted from the seeds of black cumin (Nigella sativa), a plant native to southwest Asia. Also known as black cumin seed oil, nigella sativa oil, or kalonji oil, the amber-hued oil is used in cooking and is said to offer a range of health benefits. One of the key components of black seed oil is thymoquinone, a compound with antioxidant properties."  You are able to cook with black seed oil, but you have to be aware that it can drastically affect the taste of the food.  Many people compare it to a potent onion taste, so be aware of that before you're start pouring a gallon of it into your next meal.

Like I spoke of before, black seed oil has been used as a prominent remedy for many illnesses like allergies, headaches, and boosting your immune system to name a few.  However, aside from it just working on the health aspect, it also assist with acne, other skin issues, and hair growth.  It's safe to say that this mystical oil is a hidden treasure that many people have no clue about.  Can you imagine how many people would be more healthy if they knew and stayed consistent with taking black seed oil?  It's most common that take black seed oil in its liquid form, but you can also purchase the soft gel capsule form if the taste is too unbearable.  I'd suggest taking a table spoon in the morning before eating breakfast, and having a teaspoon of organic real honey to douse the taste and also provide a little extra nutrients.

Black Seed Oil & Weight Loss

There has been rumors floating through the health & wellness community that black seed oil is the miracle supplement that will make fat simply melt away, & that theory isn't completely true.  We have to put it out there that there's NO MIRACLE PILL OR SUPPLEMENT that will make you lose weight without you changing your diet and daily lifestyle.  To see change, you have to change, and that's as simple as it gets.  The reason why this stipulation is roaming around the air is because black seed oil has antioxidant properties.  Most foods that are antioxidant base are plant products, so with that understanding, incorporating a strong plant based diet will in turn make you more healthy overall because your body is now getting the nutrients it needs to function properly.  For weight, aside from particular medical circumstances, nutrition is the main factor needed to grasp hold of while losing weight.  Having foods that are high in antioxidants will ensure that you're incorporating the required amount of fiber, vitamins, and mineral so you can maintain a healthy weight.

Even though we see the benefits of black seed oil, be sure to talk to your primary physician to make sure it doesn't conflict with any medications you're taking.

One thing to always remember, not just in fitness, but in everyday life is there's no shortcuts to true success.  There are dozens of health benefits of black seed oil, and many illnesses and treatments that it can affect in a positive way, however just because this oil is revolutionary, it doesn't take away the fact that taking the initiative of healthy eating and an active lifestyle is crucial.  Yes I understand that it might not be the most fun and easy thing to do, but it's necessary to see and feel the results you want.  Let's take learning how to walk for an example.  That's a lifestyle switch from crawling, and can be really difficult for a baby to grasp, but how long will you give a baby to learn how to walk?  How long will you give your average baby before we give up on him and tell him to give up?  That might sound silly to think about, but that's something that most of us do on a consistent basis without even knowing.  We've tried one or two things to see growth, it didn't work, and we give up.   Or we try to find the short cut without putting in substantial work to see the growth.  Black seed oil is awesome, & I do recommend that you take your dosage everyday, but don't be counterproductive by taking that, and day in and day out pouring more and more junk food into your body.  Your dreams, goals, and ambitions are too important to have the wrong mentality connected to it.

Not Created Equal

Just like many other things we buy on a daily basis, there are several variations of the same product and different qualities depending on what you get.  Can you think of the last time you went to the convenient store for paper towels, & had to go through the maze of ten different options of paper towels?  How irritating is that? However, it's suggested to get the highest quality of black seed to get the best results.  Click HERE to be conveniently directed to purchase yours today!  It's suggested to store your black seed oil in a cool environment and in a dark container.  Most products come in a dark bottle, but if not, feel free to do so.  When I say high quality black seed oil, check for thymoquinone.  "The chief active ingredient in the oil is thymoquinone, a substance that has demonstrated anticancer effects in lab and animal studies. Some oils are formulated to have a higher percentage of thymoquinone, and specify so on the label." -

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