Benefits of Time Under Tension

Updated: Jan 14, 2019


There has been a lot of talk about time under tension (TUT), and there has been many of you who are thinking, “What the heck is that? My time is already tense as it is.” To put it simply, time under tension plan is based on how much time your muscles will be under pressure. For example, if you’re lifting weights, and it takes you only 40 seconds to complete the set, it means that your muscles will have the time under tension of 40 seconds.

Remember that your exercise also depends on the tempo that you’re using. It’s the combination of time your muscles are working out, and the time that you are taking for rest. In order to calculate the total time under tension, you have to multiply the total TUT per set by the total number of sets that you have performed during the exercise. After that, you will add the value of all the sessions that you have performed during the workout. In case you are confused on how it’s beneficial for your body, here’s some of the benefits you have to keep in mind.

Increased Metabolic Response

When you start implementing time under tension exercises, you will notice that your metabolic rate will be improved. The more time your muscles will remain under tension, the more stimulation your brain will receive. It will increase the production of hormones that are important for controlling the metabolic rate of the body. You will notice that with this passage of time, your body will get used to the routine, and the metabolic rate will be improved to such extent that your muscles will get the required amount of energy. It’ll also help repair the wear and tear quickly; pretty cool right. Due to quick repairs, you will deal with the least amount of muscle growing pains.

More Tolerance Against Fatigue

The biggest benefit of time under tension is that your muscles will learn to deal with the fatigue.

  1. When your muscles spend more time under stress, they’ll easily develop the ability to work under the stressful condition. In this way, they will easily get rid of the fatigue.

  2. It will help increase the flow of blood towards the muscles. When your muscles receive the oxygenated blood, the store lactic acid will be automatically removed. After some time, you will not have to deal with any kind of growth.

  3. Another benefit that will come with the tolerance of fatigue is that it will help increase your muscular growth after the workout session. You will notice positive results in your body in limited time, which is just a professional way of say, “LOOKIN’ GOOODDD!!!

Good For Muscle Growth?

A common question most bodybuilders ask is, why it is important to maintain a steady and mid pace. The reason is that when you keep your muscles under stress for a longer time, it will help them develop new strength & the level of energy producing cells & the number of arteries will increase. Also keep in mind, when you do swift movements, chances are your muscles aren’t detecting any changes, so things will remain the same.

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