Don't Be Talkin' Snack


So I’m not a mind reader, but I think it’s safe to assume that if you’re reading this article that you are looking to lose weight, or you’re secretly trying to find a way to drop hints to your spouse.  Whatever your reason it, I have amazing news for you! Just because you’re looking to lose weight, it DOES NOT mean that your snacking habit is dead, it simply means that it needs to be monitored. 

As we’ll continue to preach until the cows come home, nutrition is the main factor to keep a watchful eye on when it comes to losing weight.  Monitoring your calorie counts to be roughly 1500 for women and 1800 for men is the key component.  You’re going to get some amazingly helpful information in this article, but be aware of four things before reading the suggestions: the calorie count, fat, sugar, and sodium.  So let’s put the potato chips & chocolate drops down, and let me give you some belly busting snacks that will melt you away, literally! 

Honey, I’m Home

If you’ve survived my previous rant, I’m assuming that you’re really serious about your weight loss, or you’re just waiting for me to finish rambling and give you the first suggestion, either way, sink your teeth into a nice healthy portion of GREEK YOGURT WITH RASPBERRIES & HONEY. This dynamic trio is jam packed with fiber, healthy fats, & protein that will push you pass that boring board meeting you have at 2 PM.  With raspberries being the intense secret agent that increases your ability to burn fat, you’ll be sliding away inches from your waistline in no time.  

  •  1 single serving of Greek yogurt

  •  1 cup of raspberries 

  •  1/2 half tablespoon of honey

The Sweet Filler

“So what if I hate honey? What do I do for a snack M.C?”, I’m glad you asked!  This next one has a sultry blend of both salty and sweet, that would not only give you a burst of energy, but it also helps prevent that “rumbly in your tumbly” within two minutes of eating it.  GRAPES MIXED WITH WALNUTS are a great pair that gives you the hydrating power of grapes, but also the filling properties of the walnut.  

  • 1 cup of grapes

  • 1/2 cup of unsalted walnuts

Aren’t You Kind

Both of those suggestions are amazing, but what if you’re a mom on the go, and you want to make sure you fight your temptation to stop at the local coffee shop to buy a donut or two.  Let’s be honest, you can’t just have ONE donut, I know I can’t.  If you’re a busybody and need something small that you can just fit in your pocket, I’d suggest grabbing a KIND BAR.  The creators of this super bar somehow squeezed amaranth, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, and gluten free oats into this little lifesaver.  

PB Without The J

If you don’t already do this, a majority of us have seen a kid on a 90’s sitcom come home from school with their book bag filled with homework, that’ll be put to the side until the last minute, walk into the kitchen and make their world famous peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Who knew that kid was on to something all of those years ago.  BANANAS WITH PEANUT BUTTER gives a great blend of protein, potassium, and natural sugars for added energy. Not to mention that it tastes great!

  • 1 banana cut into pieces

  • A layer of peanut butter on eat banana piece 

Blueberry Blues

So last on the list might be a little strange to put at the end, but I had to make sure you could endure my witty banter before I really lay the good stuff on you, OATMEAL WITH BLUEBERRIES.  We typically categorize oats as a breakfast food, but honestly you can chow down on these fiber packed powerhouses at any time.  Fusing the filling nature of oats with the vitamin C and sweetness of blueberries, allows this pair both regulate your blood sugar and help you from crashing from exhaustion.  

  • 1 cup of oat mea

  • 1/4 cup of raspberries



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