Don't Be Thirsty


Considering that our bodies are roughly 60% water, taking the steps needed to ensure that you're fully hydrated and functional is necessary.  Dehydration is when you lose more water than you're taking in.  Daily functions such as going to working, exercising, or even cooking dinner for your family will be extremely difficult if your body isn't hydrated.  Many people know that you lose water when you sweat, cry, and go to the rest room, but many didn't realize that even breathing can trickle away your water intake.  Yes! Even breathing!  So I have a pop quiz for you! Nope, no time to study, just give me your true answer.  How much water have you had today so far.  Don't cheat!  We remember in school when the teacher would say, "don't cheat, because if you do you're only cheating yourself!", and the same applies here.  We're not going to harass you, but please read this with an open mind, and really take the time to examine yourself so you can grow.

Show Me Some Signs

If you've been questioning if you're dehydrated, your body has NO PROBLEM giving you the complete rundown to explain to you that you're dehydrated.  Like I said before, your body is made of more than half water, so if your levels get low, there are a few signs.  More mild cases of dehydration can be headaches, feeling tired, and drastically affecting your mood and focus.  It's good to remember that when you feel that griping feeling of thirstiness, you're actually already slightly dehydrated.  So when your body gives you that little nudge saying, "hey don't play, give me water", don't fight it! Give it what it wants and you'll both be just fine.

I'm Sick of Water

Nothing is worse than feeling under the weather, and not being able to complete your normal routines.  No one REALLY wants to stay in bed all day with a fever, running to the rest room to relieve yourself, and eating broth as your main delicacy.  It's no fun, but did you know that you lose over a gallon of water a day if you're experiencing diarrhea?  That's mind-blowing!  "Babies and kids are more likely than adults to get dehydrated because they're smaller. Older adults need to be on the lookout because your sense of thirst gets duller with age."  Like it's stated before, natural aging effects dehydration, but also a variety of health conditions such as kidney disease can leave you running for the nearest water fountain.

One of the other ways of knowing you're dehydrated is when your mouth and skin is dry.  Especially with the weather getting colder, it's most important to hold onto at least your 64 ounces of water a day.  Many people believe that because it's not summer, and  you're not sweating profusely, that being aware of your water intake isn't as important.  Cracking hands and chapped lips are causes of cold weather, but more importantly, it's because of your water intake.  Your body has its alarm bells, to signal you to grab a bottle of water.  It's recommended to have your 64 ounces a water a day, and even though that's all well and good, take that as a blueprint for your day to day life.  That amount of water you have depends a great deal on how active you are, where you live, and your general health.  A good litmus test to figure out if you're taking in an adequate amount of water is to check your pee.  Even though it might sound weird, but let's face it, we all do it! If it's clear or slightly yellow, you're in the clear!  Anything darker than that, it's time to chug-a-lug!



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