Good Form!


Walking into virtually any gym today you’ll see a number of people weight lifting, which is a seemingly healthy source of exercise if done correctly, but while strolling through, you could see person after person on the verge of hurting themselves due to bad technique. From rocking back and forth to poor breathing, you could see a gruesome line of people back to back leading towards an injury that at best could keep them away from their favorite pass time for at least two weeks. Even with all of this going on, people are still making the same mistakes, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt; maybe they don’t know. So here’s just a few form mistakes that we need to keep an eye out so we won’t become “that person”.

Squat It Low

When you’re properly doing a squat you should be below or parallel to the floor. If you’re squatting above the parallel mark, you’re cutting yourself short of the muscle build that you could potentially have, and not to mention your range-of-motion. Not squatting low enough, could also hurt your knees because all of the weight is focused on your knees and not on your hips as it should be. The weight transfer from your knees to your hips begins once you’re parallel to the floor or below. So the next time you do squat, don’t forget to “drop it low”.

Bring Those Elbows Back Down

You might know a lot of people who are trying to “catch these gains”, but there’s no way to truly gain if you’re improperly bench pressing and consequently “gain” a shoulder injury. When you bench press, be sure not to flare out your elbows. Doing this applies too much pressure on your shoulders joints and you can seriously injure yourself. Try keeping your elbows as close to your rib cage as possible to cut back the pressure on your shoulders. Trust me, we want you to be more than just summer body ready, let’s try “anytime” body ready, and to do that, TUCK THOSE ELBOWS!

Don’t Rock The Bell

I have to be honest & say that I have definitely been guilty of this next form mistake. I’d walk to the section where all of the weights are, ranging from 10 to 100 pounds, & I’d glare over to the guy that looks like he was literally born in the gym doing dumbbell curls. Many people have done the same thing I’ve done, which is picking a weight that’s much higher than your weight class to do a curl, but the form is completely wrong! I’m a little bit smarter now, but I still see people swaying back and forth and moving their neck and shoulders which could cause major injuries. Keep your elbows as closely to your rib cage as possible, while standing firmly on the floor without swaying or moving back & forth. Doing the incorrect movements can not only hinder your biceps growth, but also apply unnecessary and painful pressure on your back and shoulders. To make sure you are practicing perfect form, I would suggest taking the weight down to a more comfortable weight so your body can correctly get accustomed to the motion, than gradually increase

Jog It Out

Another mistake I’ve seen people who focus more on cardio do is “heel jogging”. Jogging in a motion where your heels hits the ground or machine can have long lasting effects. It can lead to shin splits, knee pain, and ankle injuries that are all extremely painful, even saying them sounds painful. Doing this will also drain a majority of your energy even before you’re at the level of exercising on endurance. So to avoid this, it’s suggested to land on the balls of your feet, and be as quiet as possible; think of when you jump rope as an example of how you should jog. Make your steps light to keep it right!



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