Dealing with insecurity is a natural instance that so many people around the world are experiencing on a consistent basis, but the horrible reality is that so many people aren't addressing this issue.

Instead we are so conditioned to plaster our faces all over social media in hopes of seeing a thumbs up or a heart to gratify our undying needs for love, affirmation, and security, when in essence, if misused, can do the exact opposite.  This isn't a blog to bash social media, or say that "the man" is bringing people down, but this is an avenue for us all to stop and take a good look at ourselves, examine the areas that can be worked on, congratulate our wins, and understand that the process to become the greatest version of yourself is always worth it.

You might be thinking, what does insecurity have to do with health and wellness?  I read these blogs to get ripped or to work my butt off to get back into my favorite pair of Levi jeans that I wore for the summer festival in 1994, why are you talking about how I can grow my mind?  You'd be surprise how many insecure people that are in the gym who have either overcame their insecurities, but still experience pockets of anxiety, and people who'll only go to the gym once, get shot down mentally from comparing their bodies to others, and will never come back.  Can I be honest with you?  This is actually a great release for me to express my own personal hurts and pains, and I don't mean by the weights.  I know I'm not the only one who's been through this! If I am, please feel free to browse through our list of other blog topics that fits you better, but if you ever feel or felt insecure, anxious, self destructive, or just plain crumby from the idea of going to the gym, then let's chat!

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines insecurity as uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence, does that sound familiar.  I've had this conversation with someone who doesn't go to the gym on a consistent basis to see how obscure this ideology is in the mindset of someone who doesn't know off hand.  His response was, "why would any of the people at the gym feel insecure, I mean their already beautiful and sculpted, what do they have to worry about?", and from that I took a good look in the mirror.  On the outside, people might think that I don't have many things to be insecure about because of what they see, but oh trust me, there's a lot that goes through the mind of someone who's building muscle as well.  "Why are my side obliques not as tight as I want them to be? I would fee so much better about myself if my abs were more defined.  I've been working out for two month, increasing my weight and my meals, and why do I look as skinny as I did when I first started?", and the list goes on.  Many people have questions because they are comparing their bodies to others, and not out of admiration or goal setting which I feel could be a good thing, but to lower and belittle ones own progress, and let's face it, that's not fair to yourself especially if you are putting in the work to get to the next level for yourself.  

But it's time to knock this bad habit down the drain!

Hold Strong To Your Why! 

Why are you exercising?  Why did you get up that one morning and moseyed your way down to your local gym and created your membership after completing your extensive conversation with the sales rep about your goals, likes, and dislikes?  Was it for your family? To prove to yourself that "you've still got it"?  Or was it for health reasons that if you didn't change then you'd face some serious challenges?  It doesn't matter if you want to accept that you have to be truthful with yourself now or later, but you have to find and hold fast to why you're making the gym your second home.  Whatever your reason is, understand that EVERYONE in the gym has their own particular why, and frankly their focused on their why and not focused on yours.  When something is a big deal to us, we tend to believe that it's a big deal to everyone else, but if we remember that everyone has their own path and goal that they're trying to reach, then theirs no need to negative compare, because I can tell you a little secret, the person your feeling down about yourself from and comparing is doing the exact same thing about someone else.  No has the games completely figured out all of the time and every time, but at some point, you have to put on your blinders and buckle down on who you are, what you're doing this for, and how to stay consistent.  

Keep Coming Back For More!

One way to fight insecurity is to simply show up!  You might be thinking that that's the complete opposite of what you really want to do, but once you've shown your face at the gym on a consistent basis, allow people to see how serious you are about you and your why, in essence you gain the respect of the new family you've adopted.  Just like close families, you become comfortable around each other and it becomes less intimidating because you have a team of people unconsciously rooting you on.  You'll find those people that you see almost everyday, possibly exchange stories, share each other's whys, hold each other accountable for best practices, and from this you'll feel empowered, cared for, and confident in yourself that you can actually do what you set yourself to do.  Not everyone is going to be talkative, especially while their in the zone, but a simple nod and a smile to acknowledge their respect for you sticking it out, showing up, and working your butt off to get to that next level.  

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