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How To Count Macros?

There are many people planning to lose a few extra pounds, & in order to make it possible, the only solution is controlling your diet; which we've been preaching from day one. However, the diet cannot be effective in all conditions if you aren't able to maintain it properly. Recently, macros have grabbed the attention of many people that are planning to lose weight, and maintain their health. So let's dive right in & explain everything you need to know about what macros actually are.


Macros are the macronutrients that make up most of our body, and are responsible for maintenance of all the important functions of the body as well as the production of energy. It is important that we properly maintain the number of macros in our body. The three most famous macros are:

  • Proteins

  • Carbohydrates

  • Fats

It is very important that you count your macros just like you count your calories. The reason is that you should know from where you are getting your calories, & what's your main source is macros. Once you know your macros, it will become easier for you to find out whether you are losing or gaining weight. The most common count of macros for a healthier lifestyle that you should maintain is:

  1. Proteins 10 to 35%

  2. Carbs 45 to 66%

  3. Fats 20 to 35%


One of the most important macronutrients that you should include in your diet is the protein. It will allow you to efficiently manage your hunger. You will not have to deal with many cravings, because a sufficient amount of proteins will help with that problem, and also it will help in muscles building. If you are starving your major source of energy will be protein because it is the easiest to break down.


To put it simply, it's important for us to maintain our energy levels. You have to assure that the concentration of ATP in your body is normal and that happens from consuming a healthy amount of carbohydrates. If your body is lacking carbs, you might not be able to generate enough energy, and so you'll definitely suffer from fatigue. In order to store the proteins as muscles, it is important that you consume another source of energy, and that's where good ol' Mr. Carbs comes into play!


There is a misconception that fats are not good for the human body. You should keep in mind that healthy fats are the main strength of your body. If you are unable to maintain the recommended quantity of fats in the body, your metabolic system will start consuming proteins, and so you will start losing weight. If you want to use macros for weight loss, it is important that you maintain the recommended concentration of the items because that is the only way you can succeed. Make sure that you maintain your exercise plan with the diet if you want faster results.



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