Mid Year Resolution


Recharging Your "Mid Year" Fitness Resolution

Every new year, many people make that “new year new me” resolution. You know how that goes! They start a fitness resolution to lose weight and how to maintain the weight that we have lost last year. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that around the mid-year mark, most of the people forget about the promises they’ve made, and they go back to the dollar menu and “accidentally” lose their gym membership card. Bottom line, in order to stay fit, you have to be consistent. Even though I’m sure you started off well, because most people have good intentions, if you choose to put your fitness and nutrition because you don’t feel like, you will never see the result that you want. You’re a part of the M.C Family, & we want you to succeed in this journey, so here are some tips that’ll help you recharge your fitness resolution.

Have A Supercharged Breakfast

For you weight loss journey, it’s imperative to eat less unhealthy calories, but like we’ve been preaching from the beginning of time, cutting back unhealthy calories is completely different from starving, and in fact, we DON’T want you to starve. However, the time has come that you start changing a few things! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I’m sure that we’ve all heard this since we were 2, but it honestly gives you the energy to maintain your strength and stamina throughout the day. If you will not have a healthy breakfast, chances are that you will not be able to maintain your health. So be sure to have a substantial amount of your healthy calories for breakfast, because they will be easily get lost.

Attention To Stretching

We know that you have a proper exercise routine that you have been following. However, assure that you include more stretching into your exercise plan because it’ll be more helpful in the long run.

  1. It allows your skin to be loosened for better blood flow and a more productive exercise routine.

  2. You’ll be able to strengthen and improve the elasticity of your muscles.

  3. It will allow you to maintain your ideal perfect figure.

Consume Raw Food

One of the most important changes that you MUST make in your new healthy lifestyle is eating raw fruits and vegetables. I’m sure that many of you have added salads to your meals to contribute to your daily calorie count, but it’s needed to keep in mind that to lose weight for women it’s 1500 and 1800 for men. It is better that you start having raw food in the natural form. Eat as much berries as a sweet substitute, because it is not only healthy for you, but also you’ll also get the healthy nutrients from their natural form.

Eat Organic Meat

Most of you might have been eating a sufficient amount of lean meat because it’s a healthy source of protein. However, there are chances that the beef and chicken you had were farm produced and they are not as healthy for you as you think they are. The reason is that at most of the farms hormonal injections are given to the animals to enhance their growth rate and assure that they will mature before time. These hormones are dangerous for your body. Make sure that you purchase organic & GMO free meat because it has all large amount protein and nutrients for your allotted calorie count. However, be sure to maintain your healthy diet and exercise plan, but equally important, stay motivated to reach your goals.



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