Power of the Push!


It's that time of the year again.  It's a completely new year, and another opportunity to build upon yourself, do something amazing that you haven't done before, & actually see change.  However, let's face it, many people have said that same things, and have had the same list of "goals" year in and year out, & HAVE NOT even touched the surface of where they should be.  Why is that?  I have to make sure I let you know that this isn't said to make you feel bad if you fall in that category, because I know I do, but this is a family meeting for us to sit down and figure out why we continuously have this issue of following through in the new year. 

I'm sure we all have the best intentions to really make it happen this time! We'll say, okay this time I'm really going to save money, lose weight, cut back on drinking alcohol, or whatever it is that you feel needs to be addressed from that year forward.  However, even with our good intentions, life has a way of throwing us off of our square and distracting us from our true mission.  This year, let's not add excuses to the collection plate, but be proactive with our approach and practice these following tactics to really see change and results in the new year.  We can't fall into the "new year new me" category, but what we should do is just bring as many of our best qualities out, and massively focus on the areas that need more assistance.  The question still remains, "why do we do this?".  I'm going to break down what I believe are the most common reason why we have a hard time succeeding.  We might start well, but what's stopping us from pushing through.  

Give The Race To The One Who Endures

Have you ever heard anyone say that patience is a virtue?  I've heard that on so many occasion, is it's very true, but I've noticed that so many of us treat our goals as a race to who can get there first, and that's not the case in all situations.  Success is taking the time to do a collection of small habits everyday that will get you to your desired goal(s).  Looking at the psychology of it, it's good to understand when you focus on several small steps, it's not as intimidating and it also allows you to get used to the feeling of winning and accomplishment.  Don't make the attempt of revamping your entire life in one night if you haven't focused the bad habits piling up in your spare closet.  You can start something simple like fixing up your bed as soon as you wake up.  Spread the covers nice and neat, for a couple of weeks, then add on a new task such as making sure your shoes are lined up neatly the night before.  I do understand that your goals might not be this tedious or "small", but the pattern still holds true.  Get your mind conditioned to completing by creating smaller habits as opposed to having the mindset of cleaning my ENTIRE home every morning. 

Cast Your Cares

My dad used to tell me, "sometimes in life you have to eat the meat, and spit out the bones", so what that means is you have to take what's beneficial to you and consume that.  Make it a part of your character, transform it, and see how you can both benefit yourself and other, even if that's simply gratitude.  The spitting out the bones part is that hardest issue for many people.  We are good at seeing what we can get, but many people have a more difficult time in letting go and getting rid or things, people, and circumstances that have become a deficit to their overall personal transformation.  It's not as easy as my dad made it sound.  He's had years of trial and error, but still struggles with it from time to time, but a lot of the time we allow the burdens of life to weigh us down which thus frustrates us from moving forward in our goal tackling process. 

You Don't Believe In Yourself

I believe that we all have the power to create, enhance, and duplicate our successes in virtually every area of our life!  There's a spark that happened in conception of all of us that gave us the power to be success, but with that being said, you have to believe in yourself and understand that you're the one.  Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate yourself to just the first step, but confidently stepping into your purpose is never going to be easy.  If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, but it's essential.  There's greatness in you that no one can ever have at the same level, vibration, or amplification as you, so your touch on the world is what we're waiting on, so what are you waiting on?

Don't Think So Much

This was a huge issue of mine especially in the beginning of goal setting, because I would write my goals down, which I still encourage everyone to do, but then I'd only focus on the 'writing' part and not the 'doing'.  Don't excuse being busy with being productive.  You can write your goals out over and over again, but at some point you have to get away from behind your pen and make it happen so you can sit back down and write out your new goals.

It can be hard to stay motivated when you feel alone. The good news? You’re not alone: far from it. Post a status on Facebook asking your friends if anybody would like to be your gym or accountability buddy. If you know a co-worker who shares your goal, try to coordinate your lunch time and go out together so you’ll be more likely to make positive decisions. Join a support group of like-minded folks on Facebook, LinkedIn, or elsewhere on the internet. Strength in numbers is powerful, so use it to your advantage.

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