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So you've finished your third rep of free dumbbell chest press & thought to yourself, "hey I'm really passing through this weight! I can go heavier than that"? So you've rustled up enough mental strength to pick up your 50 pound dumbbells to put away, & grab the 60's.  Eager from the adrenaline of the previous rep, you carelessly grab the weight and feel what seems to be twelve knives piercing you at once puncture your shoulder.  Welp, that's the end of that set, & depending on the severity of the situation, could sentence you to a couple of weeks of couch rest away from the gym.  If you've ever done any workout, especially as a beginner, where you're pushing to the next level in your number of reps, endurance, or weight, you've more than likely experienced intense bodily pain.  A majority of these issues could be from poor form & technique, but many of these problems can be corrected, & put the power back in your hands.   

When focusing on shoulders, it's important to understand that shoulders are very fragile, & they should be considered with care.  When your scapula isn't moving the way it suppose to, that's when you'll experience shoulder pains. So what should you do to help this issue? I'm glad you asked!  There's a small gap within your shoulder called the subacromial space that needs to be maintained, but the pains comes from poor posture and exercises that closes that space.  With that being said, you should focus not only practicing good posture and form, but also look for motions & exercise that won't encourage that disconnect to continue to stay closed.  

Pressing Towards The Mark

Reaching back to the bench press scenario from earlier, many people love to tackle a bench press as their go to exercise, but understanding the benefits it has on your shoulders if done correctly is extraordinary.  The only issue is that your shoulders aren't able to move freely when your back is constantly pinned to the bench while you're pressing.  This lack of range of motion can bring more tension to your shoulder if don't constantly.  I would suggest any type of push up because that's a more free-flowing movement, but also landmine pressing would be an amazing solution if done on your knees or standing straight.  

Don't Forget Your Rotator Cuff

The mindset you should have when working out your rotator cuff is basically for maintenance.  It's not the most fun or glamorous workouts, but it's needed to strengthen your shoulders and if it's not done regularly, you can seriously injure yourself.  Consider it like a tune-up for your body.  "Believe it or not, one study showed that 34 percent of people with absolutely no shoulder pain actually have rotator cuff tears — and this number is actually 54 percent in those over the age of 60!", says  So this means that you can have tears and injuries without even knowing it, and that pain is just waiting on the perfect time to attack. 

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