Squad Up!


Have you ever had that person or people that you know that has your back no matter what?  

Now I don’t mean those people who are only close to you because you’ve grown up on the same block as a child, or the ones that are close to you because you share the same favorite color.  Give me a break, blue is a pretty common color and it’s beautiful, why wouldn’t you love it, but I mean those people that when you hear the word SQUAD, you know exactly who they are.  When it comes to healthy living, it’s extremely important to have a strong and structured support system especially for those days when you’re tired and feeling weak.  I've known people who started their fitness as a form of solitude to get away from people who are negative or simply not contributing to their overall well being, which I feel is a good thing. Even with that gym life sanctuary, it's still good to have people that you know are in your corner, and can endure the test of times to hold you accountable to the ambitions that you've put in place and vice versa.  

Before I go too deeply into what you can accomplish with a strong support system, why you should have one, and what you can lose from not having one, I have to first say I'M PROUD OF YOU!  Trust me, I'm not just saying that to make you feel fuzzy inside, but you really need to know that at M.C Health & Wellness, we really want to see you as the strongest, beautiful, intelligent, and most confident version of yourself, and the fact that you found this blog as something that you can grow from means that you're well on your way of becoming and even better version of your already amazing self.  Even though I'm sure we believe the people love and support us, it's still good to hear it from time to time.  With life pulling us from side to side, it's easy to forget that we're actually on the right track, and GOD's plan for us is in complete alignment with where we are.  

So What Is A Squad?

In more recent years, the term squad has been used to describe a group or people who has your back no matter what, and is synonymous with other terms such as crew, clique, or posse.  When choosing or identifying these people, there are questions to ask yourself in order to ensure that you're making the right decision.  This person or people could potentially be the closest people to you and could have the greatest impact on your life, so it's vital to not jump the gun.

To identify the supportive people in your life, consider:

How do you feel when you talk to this person? Do they take your feelings and needs into account? Is the advice they give based on your well-being? Do they tell you tough truths when you need to hear them? Do they celebrate your triumphs with you? Do they encourage you to be better than you were yesterday? Have they opened possibilities for you that you didn’t realize existed?  --  www.ultimatemedical.edu

When you really buckle down and ask yourself these serious questions, you'll then be able to make sound and logical decisions.  However, remember that no one loves a person that take take takes all of the time, and this arrangement should be a two way street.  While you're engaging your squad with the events that's going on in your life, it's equally important to allow them to communicate and express to you where they see themselves in the near future and rely on you be a pillar that holds them up and pushes them in the right direction to see their dreams come into fruition.

Cultivate Your Squad

Remember that any relationship worth having takes care, nurturing, and time to make sure that your roots are based in the right place.  Connect with the people who love and support you as often as you both can, keep them in the loop of what's going on in your life, and how you're progressing or digressing.  Invite and encourage their opinions, but be sure to be receptive.  Sometimes you won't like what their opinions are, and you might get upset, but always show respect because you chose that person or people for a reason, and what they're saying can be the perfect information you need to get the results you need.  

When you find the right people, there's a certain beauty in not being alone, and a strong sense of warmth when you know that someone has your best interest at heart, but still without judgment gives you the freedom to open your wings and grow.  However when you've identified those people, you'd be surprised how many leaps and bounds you'll be able to conquer.  



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