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In the recent decades, there has been more creations of old school superhero shows being brought to life, and thrown onto the big screen.  The movie industry has made millions of dollars each year from grabbing the fantasies of our favorite characters, and captivating our minds to experience their real life occurrences.  What a life that is? What would it be like to be able to have super powers that'll set you apart from the average human? The funny thing about this imaginative conversation is that it's actually true.  There are super hero foods that we can have everyday to give us those innate powers that a majority of the world either don't have or don't know exists.  Even though we can't promise that you'll have an endless supply of spider webs stemming from your body after being bitten from a radioactive spider, but what they can do is ensure a more healthy, refreshed, and reinvigorated you.  After going over our list, I'm sure your next visit to the grocery store will never be the same.  

An Earful of Popeye

"Eat your green vegetables", mom would say as many reluctant children examine the seemingly soggy spinach leaf at the end of their fork while mentally preparing for the horror that will soon be their fate.  Could it be that mom was using that phrase as a secret code for only the keen of mind to unlock our super powers?  Eating leafy greens are definitely number one on our list not only because the lovable sailor Popeye endorses it, but leafy greens are an excellent source of nutrients including folate, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin C and fiber.  If that wasn't enough for you to run to you closest supermarket, it's also been proven to fight against many chronic illnesses including certain cancers as well. So next time, don't push that kale to the side, you eat it with pride knowing that you're on your way to because our next superhero.  

Thank You Berry Much

On average, most people tend to enjoy fruits more than vegetables because of the natural sugars that they have jam packed in them, but your insatiable love for sugar can be appease by this next super food, berries!  Berries are a nutritional powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.  These little guys are best used to fight off certain infections and boost a person's immune system.  In connection to that, it is recommended that you continue to follow the instructions of your physician if you have any health issues, however, adding the necessary nutrients to equip you antibodies to fight off infection can only make your immune system much stronger.  

No Tea No Shade

I have to admit, after a long day of helping the M.C Team in assisting those who need help with their fitness goals, I need time to unwind to refocus on the next day to come.  A nice book or my favorite tv show with a large mug of green tea is an ideal good time for me.  Even though this is my time to relax, being a superhero never stops.  Superman can never stop being Superman, even when he's Clark Kent, in essence, he's still Superman.  With this in mind, green tea has many healing properties that has been noticed in Chinese cultures for centuries.  Green tea is rich in antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds which have strong anti-inflammatory effects. One of the dominant antioxidants in green tea is the catechin epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG. Having this antioxidant helps prevent against chronic illness like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  So while you're curled up with your cat relaxing and drinking green tea after a hard day at work, keep in mind that you're body is literally thanking you for not only giving it the rest it needs, but also adding more time to your life.  

The Nutty Assassin

Now I'm sure that a majority of us have seen those sneaking assassin foraging for nuts in fall to prepare for winter.  Many animals like squirrels frantically search for different nuts and seed to sustain them for the brutal winter ahead, but if you look at the whole picture, is it possible that these sneaky critters are plotting to get strong and dominate the human race? Who knows, but what I am sure about is that these little guys must know something that we don't because not only are nuts and seed high in fiber, but they also are a good source of healthy fats that elevates bodily function and energy levels.  Some research has shown that some nuts can actually aid in preventing heart disease.  I could be completely wrong about the whole "squirrels taking over the world thing", but adding nuts and seeds into your regular diet can only help instead of damage.  

Even though we've focused a lot on the foods needed to become the strongest and most effective super hero you can be, but it's necessary to understand how you're able to transpose these qualities into your everyday lives.  Yes physical strength and endurance is importance, but using "mental food" to protect your mind and strengthen its core is a vital part of exercising and a healthy lifestyle.  The same way you need the foods we've mentioned earlier to sustain strong physical health.  Understanding other tools like avoiding negativity, reading book that both captivate and stimulate your mind, and practicing breathing exercises to stay calm are all "super foods" to improve your overall natural healthy nature.

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