The 80/20 RULE: Weight Loss


The 80/20 rule is a principle applied in many spheres of life including mathematics, economics, nutrition etc. With this age old philosophy being used within such a broad spectrum, it’s safe say that it should be implemented into our healthy living as we become well into our old age. So let’s dive right into it because you’re probably thinking “what in the heck are you talking about M.C?”.  Glad you asked! It’s basically a simple concept that is hidden behind a couple of complicated looking percentages that focuses on a healthy diet 80% of the time, and focusing on working out 20% of the time. Some people may argue that you will burn whatever you eat during exercise. While that is true, it is unlikely that you will successfully get rid of all the calories from fries and burgers in your day’s exercise. Therefore, what happens is that the left over calories accumulate, and if you let those little suckers pile up, obesity will show its face, and that little sucker becomes a BIG problem. If you’re not obeying this law, you’re probably scratching your head wondering why you’re still gaining weight, even when you work out.

So How Do I Do This Thing?

To start this process, simply you must watch and modify what you eat so that they are adding more value to your journey so you can loss more weight.  Most of us remember the nutritional pyramid that they showed us in school about the food groups, but fighting this monster called obesity, takes that pyramid to a completely higher level.  A good diet should consist of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and not to forget plenty of water. It is called a balanced diet for a reason. Portions that have each of these nutrients should be balanced. As someone rightly said, food consumption shouldn’t be all about settling for less rather, is about putting more good food on the plate. Indeed this is smart eating. To be honest, eating a small bag of fries or half a burger will not make you full. You will end up with more calories and more hunger pangs. What to do? Fill you plates with veges, a portion of protein and another of carbohydrates. 

Going on a diet isn’t some secret code word on James Bond that will make you self destruct, or starve, but a diet is giving yourself the freedom to have guidelines on what and how much you should eat to live a more healthy life

The 20% - Let’s Get This Thing In Motion!

Now that you’ve gotten your base out of the way, and you’ve gotten your meals all planned out, go put on our favorite sweatsuits, get your workout playlist ready, & let’s get this thing moving.  Now that you and your body are on the same team, you don’t have to worry about it holding you back from seeing the results you want. Exercise alone will not suffice if your goal is cut off the pounds. If you become discipline with your eating and exercise consistently, you should expect weight loss because you are burning more calories than you are consuming. Exercise can make one hungry and we know the hunger pangs have no respect for anyone, but being consistent with your dietary plans, will balance out your eating habits



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