The Power In Following Through


At one point or another in our lives, we've experienced situations where we've had the best intentions to make things happen, but we've had issues with following through & dropped the ball.  It could be that you've promised yourself that you'll call your grandmother every Tuesday & Friday, or you've said I'm going to stop swearing because I feel like it's a bad habit.  Even though your motives were for the best intent, circumstances seem to be placed in your lap to knock you off your square and consequently allowing you to not follow through.  This same situation holds true with your fitness journey as well.  You might say I'm going to wake up and do a two mile run every morning at 7 AM, but the snooze button never ceases to tempt you on a daily basis.  We've comprised 5 tips to help us all fight against the art of procrastination to get it done!

Create An Unshakable Why

I want you to sit back & be honest with yourself, do you think that you have an issues with following through because you're incapable of getting it done?  For most cases, that definitely isn't true.  We have all be graced with the power of creating the world around us simply off of the fabric of our thoughts.  That's what makes us so different from our animal counterparts! Establishing a strong WHY is the stimulus that puts your ideas into action.  Are you looking to lose weight for health reasons, to have more freedom to spend time with your family, or to fit into your favorite pair of jeans? No matter the reason, form a WHY that is so unmovable that when you have those frustrating day, you can lean on your WHY to get you through. Our will-power as a human race is a very powerful thing, but while creating your reason why you want to accomplish your fitness goal, be sure to give yourself some credit.  You're already amazing just by deciding to grow and seeking ways to assist with that growth, but creating a strong WHY gives you the confidence to believe that you deserve and are worthy to grow and advance.  

Become A Student

A great motivational speaker once said, "the more you know, the more you'll grow! We are the captain & commander of our lives, if we become masters over the things that hold us back, then nothing can harm us."  I find this to be a powerful mindset to adopt as you invest in yourself to become the best you possible.  Become a student of yourself.  What are the triggers that get you frustrated, makes you want to give up, & makes you push forward?  So many of us know all about the latest in pop culture pertaining to who's dating whom, but haven't taken the time to research and dive into one of the people that truly matter, and that's yourself.  Learn about the fundamental resources to get to your goal such how to count calories & how to find your BMI.  Taking the time out to really pour as much knowledge as you can into yourself will drive your WHY, and make it more realistic.  

Write The Walk

I'm a firm believer in the success of the written word.  Writing your vision down, & making it plain on paper, is a great mental tool to actually run with your ideas without getting tired.  Seeing your written future, and revisiting it daily, is a way to recommit yourself to the promises that you've made to yourself.  During this fitness journey, you'll have really good days like when you step on the scale and see that you're 6 pounds closer to your weight loss goal, but you'll also have rough days where you'll get frustrated and tired.  I find it helpful to write down both of these experiences so you can reflect on both the good and bad, but also see how much you've grown or focus on the areas that could use a little bit more help.  

90 Day Push

We all have problems that we have to overcome on a daily basis especially when it comes to fitness & nutrition.  With mainstream society's temptation levels at an all time high, there's no doubt that trying to fight your current state of mind can be an issue.  A majority of us have said that we are going to get more fit and healthy, but are we really doing all we can do to make those dreams a reality, or have we tried one or two things, failed at following through with those, and convinced ourselves that we've tried EVERYTHING.  I would challenge you to get on a consistent fitness and nutrition plan and stick it out for 3 month.  Using the previous tools to help drive your focus back to you and making your dreams happen.  Eliminate as many excuses, & allow the power of getting it done to be your push.  

Feed Your Thoughts

We've been giving you a nice amount of tools of over the past couple of months from Don't Blog Me Out to push you to grow in your body, but your mental health is just as important if not even more.  On a daily basis, we are faced with circumstances, hurts, temptations, & disappointment.  With this collection of forces, it's imperative to guard your mind with the weapons to combat the negative energies around you.  I would suggest reading books that will both inspire and stimulate your mind.  Listen to lectures & speeches that will motivate you; YouTube is a great resource for that. Also, I suggest getting an accountability partner to go with you to the gym.  This person should be use for encouragement, motivation, and focus.  I have to admit, I do see a lot of people at them gym with their "gym partner", but all they do to is take pictures to give the illusion that they are winning at the gym just so they can post a picture hashtagged #gymlife".  This journey is only about you, and can only be achieved by you if you allow it.  Don't get caught up in the glamour of fitness, but cultivate your mind to receiving good foods for thought.

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