Why Proteins Are Important For Muscle Building

Updated: Jan 14, 2019


If muscle building is the main goal of your exercise plan you will not be able to achieve without adding a good deal of proteins to your diet. Fats and carbs might be important to generate energy, but nothing can replace the importance of proteins for muscles. Here are some important reasons why you need proteins for muscle building. 

No Proteins, No Muscles 

The carbs and fats that you are consuming will be converted into glucose and triglycerides. These elements will be converted to energy when you are walking, running or doing any kind of activity. However, when muscle building is the main target, proteins is what you need the most. It is important that you consume a healthy amount of proteins every 3 to 4 hours to assure that there are enough amino acids that body will use for muscle building. There is a special combination of 9 amino acids that are required for muscle building. Without these essential amino acids, you cannot increase the muscle mass.  

Get Your ATP From Proteins

Most of the people have the misconception that only carbs and fats can provide the required amount of energy. No doubt that our brain uses glucose as the source of energy. However, for muscles the main energy source is ATP. If you do not have enough amino acids the ATP will not be produced. So the amino acids you already have in your body will be converted to waste products. ATP provides your muscles the energy to contract. It means that you will not be able to curl or lift your muscles during squats or press. 

It Helps To Stop Muscle Catabolism 

Your body will burn all the available sources of energy to assure that you can keep up with your workout. In case that your muscles mass is not increasing because of the lack of protein intake there are chances that your body will consider available muscles as extra energy and so their catabolism will begin. 

  • It means instead of gaining you will start losing lean muscle mass. 

  • However, when you are consuming the right amount of proteins it is the signal to your body that you are going to use these muscles 

  • It will stop the catabolism of the stored proteins in your body because they will be converted to muscles. 

  • In this way, your metabolic rate will force your body to burn the fats. 

Helps In Muscle Repair 

During weight lifting, you are tearing the soft tissue fibers of your muscles. These tears are small in size which means that your muscles will not be damaged to a dangerous extent. However, if you will not do anything about these minor tears they might become dangerous in future. 

The muscle repair mechanism is the natural system of the body in which extra proteins are used to repair the muscles. If you are not consuming enough proteins your muscles will not be properly repaired and it might lead to some serious issues. 

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