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Even though I love the work environment of M.C Health & Wellness, it's nice to come home and relax in front of the television with a nice glass of red wine to finish my day and settle my mind.  Most people, including myself, enjoy wine for the taste, but there are several benefits to this rose-kissed beverage that many people didn't realized.  When it's within moderation, drinking red wine is one of the healthiest drinks you can have as an adult.  I wonder if the Olivia Pope, the fictional character from the hit TV show Scandal, is aware of the health benefits of red wine when she has a large glass and a bowl of pop corn, snuggled on the sofa while watches the news, scoping for the collection of issues she has to "fix".  I'm not sure where she gets her super power from, but while we dive into the benefits of red wine, I'm definitely going to keep this in mind. 

Red wine has a component called resveratrol, which could be the main factor to prevent blood clots, fight against high blood pressure, & protects against damage to blood vessels.  With this being said, it's important to point out for the best results, be sure to only drink in moderation.  Drinking one or two glasses of wine each day can reduce your risks of heart diseases and stroke, however, the opposite effects can happen if you drink too much.  Including two glasses of wine a day contributes to a high antioxidant diet.  In addition to the red wine, other foods such as nuts, cinnamon, beans, & green tea to name a few has the same effects.  These foods, including red wine, boosts your immune system, fights against certain cancers, and promotes a healthy heart.  

All of the health issues in this article are very serious, & I always recommend you check in with your personal physician for any health condition you're treating.  We're talking highly about drinking red wine, but we have to disclaim that this isn't a super pill or the holy grail.  Studies has been commenced for decades observing people with high blood pressure and their results after drinking red wine on a moderate basis.  Those with high blood pressure are 30% less likely to get a heart attack than those who don't drink wine on a more consistent basis.  It's recommended to drink red wine casually with a meal because not only is it good to have food in your stomach while you're drinking, certain red wines tastes amazing paired with other foods. “Drink it with a Mediterranean meal high in vegetables and fish and lower in meat, with fruit for dessert and using olive oil. Doing it in a social, relaxed setting also goes a long way to improving health and happiness.”, says Dr. James O'Keefe, chief of preventive cardiology at St. Luke’s Mid-America Heart Institute.  It's said that wine is the Goldilocks of alcoholic beverages.  Too much can be distructive to many natural functions, and too little can rob you from the many benefits that you can be enjoying right now.  However, maintaining that healthy medium help to prevent inflammation, which is one of the main concerns in American households.  

Drinking red wine has been a social activity for centuries.  From weddings, to dinners with the family, drinking wine has been the cornerstone of many happy memories, and also tragic ones if abused.  We want to continue to pour into your mind and not only into your fitness journey.  Drinking wine has been proven to reduce depression for those who are consistent with the healthy medium, but it can increase depression symptoms for those who abuse it.  "Why would anyone abuse something so good", you might ask, but for every abuser, they have their reasons.  No matter what their reasons are or what you're opinion is, that person feels that overdrinking wine can help solve their problems when it's actually hurting.  I'm sure we've all said it or have seen it at some point in our lives when someone is going through a rough situation and says, "I need a drink".  To protect yourself from abusing wine, I would suggest to not drink when you're overly stressed as a way to cover up the problem, because that could be the start of a slippery slope.  Even though we preach to drink one or two glasses of wine a day by keeping it in moderation, we also understand that everyone isn't going to follow this rule all of the time. If you are going to drink more than recommended, understand that alcoholic beverages opens your emotions, and if you're already stressed while you're sober, it's going to be an even bigger "no no" when your intoxicated.  In a nutshell, one or two glasses relieves the edge and increases the health benefits, while too much, especially on a consistent basis is detrimental.  

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