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by Sonni Johnson

October 29nd, 2018

Rock Balancing


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At M.C Health & Wellness, we focus generally on fitness and nutrition as our blog topics.  We've discussed topics ranging from foods to build muscle, to what kind of sugars can leave some serious damage to your physical health, but I feel that it is equally important to stress how important it is to have proper mental health and mental health practices.  You don't have to go far to read about someone being assaulted, lied on, starving, or simply showing hate to one another, and with so much chaos from media platform to media platform, one of our greatest weapons to see growth in our lives and actually produce fruit is to express gratitude as much as we can.  That's not to say that everything misfortune in your life will be magically erased, but this is to say that with this new formed mentality, our perspective on situations will change.  Try putting the end of thread into the eye of a needle with bad vision, and think of gratitude as corrected eye solutions like glasses.  Yes you will still have to put the thread through the eye of the needle, so the situation hasn't changed, but with gratitude you'll be able to see your situation in a brand new way, and will be able to execute it more easily, efficiently, and a better perspective.

When you practice the art of gratitude everyday, by simply finding the opportunity to be grateful in every saturation in your life, you're actually in the process of reducing the amounts of bodily aches and pain that you'll experience.  People who are more grateful see the world as an adventure, and with this adventurous mentality, they in turn push to ensure they they are in tip top shape.  Many of them exercise more often which also creates more hormones to make them happier and more relaxed.

"For those of us who did not pay attention in biology class; the hypothalamus is the part of our brain that regulates a number of our bodily functions including our appetites, sleep, temperature, metabolism and growth. A 2009 National Institutes of Health (NIH) study showed that our hypothalamus is activated when we feel gratitude, or display acts of kindness."  It's also good to point out that gratitude is addictive. Being grateful and displaying random acts of kindness creates a hormone called dopamine.  This is the chemical that is associated to the natural highs that we can get on a daily basis.  It can be seen most commonly when you anticipate getting likes on your social media pages.  That form of gratification produces dopamine and makes it more addicting.  You'll realize when you practice gratitude with a genuine heart, events, circumstances, and people to be grateful for will seem to roll off your tongue and flow from your thoughts.


Let's face it, sometimes we forget how great we have it in life.  There's always someone else who has it worse off than you, and you should be appreciative of the blessings you've been given so far.  However, when we are going through life's struggles, it can be difficult to know what to be grateful for.  "My lights are about to be cut off " or "my child is really sick and the doctor don't have a clue how to help him."  These are just a few example of how life distracts us from the bigger picture, which is to show gratitude in ALL THINGS.  I'm not saying that it's going to be easy.  In all honesty, in some instances it can be the most difficult thing to do, but that's how you create true happiness.  I've always been a person that journals.  From my daily events, personal thoughts, business plans and ventures, you name it, it was in my book.  However, what I've been in the habit of, from the teaching of many successful people, is to create a gratefulness journal.  Not only is it a way to put into the atmosphere a sweet scent of positivity, but it's also a weapon to fight against those days we spoke of earlier when you don't know what to be grateful for.  Use this arsenal to combat against negative thinking and win against depression.


I was always taught that when you have a defeated thought to squirm its way into your head, that you should completely reject the thought, say no to it, and aimlessly think another thought.  That's partially true. Yes you shouldn't dwell on negative thoughts, but when you change your thoughts, you have to be purposeful.  For example, if you have a thought that says, "I will never amount to anything!", and if you quickly change your mind and start thinking about cheesecake because it makes you "happy", it's not healing the situation.  A more productive way to change your thoughts is to redirect your original statement.  Instead of saying "I will never amount to anything" say, "I'm grateful that I'm learning the skill necessary RIGHT NOW to become a success in the future." It does acknowledge that you're not at the level that you want to be, but it gives you the progressive realization that you're in motion to get to that next level.  Don't put on rose colored lenses, but encourage yourself and show gratitude for where you are.