M.C Health & Wellness was founded in May of 2017 by Mr. Michael H. Craddock in his Springfield, PA apartment complex.  He as always had a strong passion for fitness, and a heart to help other, but while working for Nutrisystem, South Beach Diet, and other personal trainings, he quickly realized how big of a crisis we are facing when it comes to weight management in the world; America specifically! After doing research, he soon realized that America is the most obese country in the world, & with weight loss being a billion dollar industry, only those who can support that bill were the privileged.  


After explaining and pouring out his concern to his family and friends, one of his close friends Michael "Sonni" Johnson Jr. went right to work putting his vision into action.  They created an Instagram page as the first step to bringing awareness and a voice to the business.  From that starting point in June of 2017 to now, they have both worked tireless in producing nearly 15 thousand followers on Instagram while keeping customer’s needs as the business focus, & Michael’s vision as their drive.

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Michael and his team then created the M.C Health & Wellness website in August 2017, revamped it a few times to make it more people friendly, completed other trial and error project to then lead them to the M.C Way Subscription.  The M.C Way Subscription was created so that people would have access to a collection of health & wellness information and guidelines without breaking the bank.  He has done the research for his team to collaborate with health & wellness powerhouses such as Vitamin Shoppe,, Modell’s Sporting Goods, & more.  With these affiliates, M.C Health & Wellness has the opportunity to be the direct link for our customers and supporters to provide them the immediate promotions that are givens exclusively to us for our subscribers.  In connection to this, Michael Craddock and his team has created numerous workout videos for beginners, monthly calendar layouts to eliminate the worry of having to schedule what workouts a person should do.  They have also fostered a library of helpful information for the health & wellness industry, connected to blogs as a networking strategy, and also cultivated and expanded the M.C Family with their sales and brand ambassador teams. 


It’s safe to say that M.C Health & Wellness has really been constantly pushing forward and is still going.  Mr. Craddock consistently meet with his team to discuss future endeavors, weighs out the pro & cons, then tosses a majority of the ideas out of the window and is left with gold.  They are committed to touching the hearts of people, and changing their minds to see that there is another way.  Both Michael (the Leader) & Sonni (the Enforcer), now the Chief of Operations Officer,  represent both the head and the movement of the body, but without the tireless efforts of their amazing team, family, & friends, M.C Health & Wellness would not be as successful as it is today and as it’s going to continue to be in both the near and far future.


“I Can. I Will. I Must, Change The World One Person At A Time, One City At A Time, One State At A Time, & One Country At A Time!”